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Bino V L - Founder & CEO

Heavy Duty TubularIt’s my pleasure to welcome you to our site and communicate to you through the World Wide Web. While going through the website you will find a wide range of technology and a large spectrum of products at Innovations Bangalore. Innovations Bangalore was started in 1994 with an intention to produce quality power electronic products and is now the leading supplier and manufacturer of on-line and offline UPS, Inverter and Tubular Battery. Our customer base is spread across the length and breadth of India. Our products are designed and built for rugged, reliable & cost. This year marks a milestone in the history of Innovations Bangalore with the introduction of ON-GRID SOLAR Energy installations over 5 Mega Watts, our business has grown multifold.

Today we have more than 27,000 direct customers including celebrities Like Rahul Dravid, Sabeer Bhatia and Govt. Sectors like ISRO, HAL, DRDO, BEL, International Schools & Multi Speciality Hospitals...

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