online UPS
  • Pure SINE WAVE, with LCD display, IGBT technology.
  • Microcontroller technology with 29 pin MOTOROLA chipset for UPS/INVERTER.
  • Single PTH card design ensuring reliable quality, compact size, easy service & fast digital sensing change over for Computer / TV in UPS/INVERTER.
  • Fully automatic, MONO control with AUTO RESET for 200% overload in UPS/INVERTER.
  • Short circuit, Voltage fluctuation protection to protect appliances from input voltage variations in UPS/INVERTER.
  • Reactive filtered OUTPUT with zero distortion for computers & televisions in UPS/INVERTER.
  • Battery deep discharge & Over charge protection for longer Battery life in UPS/INVERTER.
  • Efficient CCCV type TRIAC based charger for constant voltage while charging & to reduce excess electricity consumption in UPS/INVERTER.
  • Easy to connect & disconnect with Plug ‘N’ Play UPS/INVERTER/BATTERY systems.
  • Warning alarms & displays for all protections & functions in UPS /INVERTER
  • BATTERY: In house produced fully sealed polypropylene (plastic) container TUBULAR BATTERIES for more safety, longer life & less maintenance. Our TUBULAR BATTERIES will have the ability to generate high current cranking power starting & low internal resistance to enable battery for quick recharging. Factory charged, ready for fitment eliminates possibility of impure acid during first charging. No leakage & acid fumes. Hybrid design of our BATTERIES can withstand high ambient operating conditions in India. Our TUBULAR BATTERIES are rugged & capable of withstanding longer power cuts for longer years.
  • Decent looks for UPS/INVERTERS/BATTERY & safe to keep in indoors and generator compatible.
  • 2 years unconditional warranty on UPS/INVERTER/BATTERY. Periodic Preventive maintenance for UPS/INVERTER/BATTERY*. 24 Hours service helpline*. * Limited to BANGALORE city only.
  • 12 years of industry experience with over 12800 direct customers.
  • Introducing soon - Solar Inverters and Solar Panels